Wedding in a villa in Mykonos

Picking a wedding spot must be one of the most difficult choices a couple has to make. The place has to benefit from a nice location and enjoy a scenic setting. The place has to be big enough to house all the party: all the friends, the distant and first-degree relatives, the friends of the friends. The place has to be impressive enough for taking memorable pictures that everybody passing by yourthe house will be looking at for the following two years minimum. Yes, it is not an easy choice and the future weds will have to visit a lot of venues before choosing the right one to say “I do”.

Lately, a lot of couples have leant towards a wedding in a  villa rental in a foreign country; and there are several reasons for that. The northern Europe residents are specially looking for a signature place with a nice climate and turn their eyes to the southern countries that promise them dances till the dawn thanks to the great weather. They also promise them fantastic wedding pictures thanks to the favouring sunlight, stunning mansions reminding of the past splendour of the south and manicured gardens with verandas enlaced with ivy, small lakes and ponds. Where if not in the southern European countries can they find it all? Exactly: nowhere. So many British, Irish, northern French, Belgian, Dutch, Scandinavian couples have  started to turn regard to villas in Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal for their special day. The most romantic and distinctive is to walk down the aisle on an island, surrounded by the waters and enjoying magnificent views, for example, on an island like Mykonos.

Mykonos, a part of the Cyclades is also called the white island thanks to the Mykonos-town lily-white architecture and pavements painted and repainted every year. Set between Naxos, Syros, Tinos and Paros, the white island features primarily a mountainous landscape and scanty vegetation. Especially beautiful in spring, out of the peak season beloved by the partiers and jetset from all over the world, when the island rising to 340 m over the sea is almost fully covered with flowers, Mykonos becomes a great destination for a romance.

Housing many world-known luxury boutiques including Chanel, Chopard, Pandora and Balenciaga among others, Mykonos is also a great place for some post-nuptials shopping and presents for the bride.

Mykonos is also home to some of the most exclusive villas with dreamlike design and interior in all Greece. Benefiting from private swimming pools, unbelievable sea views, impeccable verandas and terraces, the luxury villas on Mykonos are ideal for a one-in-a-million wedding ceremony.

You might be looking for a seated dinner or for a chic cocktail, there will be no problem with either option as some of the best chefs from all over the world come to spend their season on Mykonos. Apart from that, the island is also a brilliant spot for fine dining out. With its vast restaurant offer from total high-standing spots to traditional homey taverns, of all the existing cuisines in the world, Mykonos has a place for any kind of diner. Even those who have never been to Mykonos at least once in their lives have heard of Nammos, Scorpios, Matsuhisa by Nobu, Remezzo and Kiki´s tavern.

There will be no trouble with the background music neither, as the best DJs are hosted on Mykonos every year.

And if it is summer, a fantastic suggestions will be to opt for a bridal by the sea as Mykonos offers some of the best beaches in the area including Paradise and Super Paradise.