Nightlife in Prague – what to do at night

Many, many years ago on my first around the world trip I arrived in Prague. Back then it was a very different place.

Prague had been suffering from 40 years of state sponsored neglect, beautiful old building that had survived World War 2 were run down due to the lack of time and money spent on them. I was somewhat reluctant to walk too far at night, not because I felt unsafe but after a few days I started getting annoyed at how many drunk Russian soldiers wanted to change what few German Marks I had into the local Kopeks. Back then you had to change 35 marks per day to enter the country and I had to put in a big effort to spend that on beer and vodka which was the 2 local products that seemed to be plentiful and that I was interested in buying.

My highlight of that visit was meeting a local black marketeer who had his apartment looking like a Singaporean electronics shop. another highlight was discovering the beer halls on the hill while walking to the castle.

Those were different days and I doubt that locals look back with the fondness that I do because for me it was only one week, today Prague is a cosmopolitan European city, overrun with tourists in the summer.

So baring in mind this article is about what to do at night here’s a few ideas.


If you are an avid photographer like myself Prague at night is a great place to take photos. A couple ideas come to mind long exposures of the bridges,  Prague Castle has nice lighting for some great shots. Other places such as Wenceslas Square, The Clementinum virtually any area with old building would be great for night photography.

Drinking Beer

Prague has some of the best beer in the world and it won’t be hard to find a good drop. The best places to go I think are the old beer halls places with great history. Krymska Street has many bars as well and would make a good night out visiting a few places.

Live Music/Performing Arts

Prague has a great live music scene. Great local venues include Jazz and Blues Club Ungelt near the old town square, Lucerna Music Bar are two historical venues that you can visit for great music. The National Theatre, The State Opera, The Estates Theatre, and The New Stage are also venues where you can enjoy opera, classical music or stage performances.

Nightlife in Prague / Clubbing

Prague is home to some of the largest nightclubs including Karlovy Nazne a 5 floor club – the largest in central Europe go to the Old Town square for a selection of great bars and nightclubs.

There will also be many organised tours for tourists that you can take so there will be no shortage of things to do at night in Prague.