Picking Apples in Australia

Picking Apples in Australia is another big crop where you can  get work picking fruit.

You are required to have a working visa to be able to pick fruit in Australia.

Historically, Tasmania is the biggest apple growing state so much so its named the Apple Isle.

Despite this apples are grown in all states except Northern Territory.

In Queensland, the picking season starts in February in Stanhope one of the only areas of Queensland where apples are grown.


Most apples are grown in Victoria and in February the season starts in Cobram, Goulburn Valley and Shepparton.

In New South Wales the main apple producing areas are in Batlow and Orange the season starts around March and goes until May.

In South Australia apple picking is based in the Adelaide Hills usually from February until May which is generally the same time as the Wine Vintage so you have the opportunity to either pick apples or pick grapes in SA.

Same applies for Western Australia apples are grown in Perth Hills, Donnybrook and Manjimup and the harvest starts in Feb/March about the same time as the wine harvest.

In Tasmania the harvest begins in March as well in the Huon Valley.

So as you can see you can pick apples in most areas of Australia but you will find that the harvest is at the same time as the grape harvest so you will have a choice to pick grapes or apples this time of year in the southern states.

One other thing to take into account is the weather. If you are from Europe and don’t like the hot weather working in Tasmania might be a good idea for you or maybe the Adelaide Hills. Mildura or Robinvale in January/February will be very hot – think 40C each day for a quite a few days in a row.

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