Things to do in Charlotte – North Carolina

What can I say about Charlotte, North Carolina? It is a wonderful city to travel to in the United States. This place is also wonderful to live in!

Charlotte is an American city located in the southeastern United States. It was founded in 1755 and given its nickname of the queen city by those founders. The original inhabitants were the Catawba tribe, the indigenous people that lived here before the Europeans came. The city would suffer economically after the civil war and then find success as one of the top places to move to the United States.

With its affordable living and many attractions, the queen city should be a traveler’s top priority when visiting the United States. Like most cities in this country, the best way to travel is by car. So grab your car, and let’s get into the things to do in Charlotte.

Must Do

When visiting Charlotte, you should check out all of the eclectic neighborhoods that give the queen city its wonder. Noda, Southend, Plaza Midwood, and the downtown area. All of these areas provide fun entertainment, such as bars, venues, and delicious restaurants. They are all unique and offer something different for travelers.

If you visit this amazing city, you should also see the Levine Museum of the South, Discovery Place, Latta Plantation, and the U.S. National Whitewater Center. All of these places are fun for both kids and adults. You won’t be disappointed when visiting all the wonderful attractions that Charlotte has to offer.

What do you Like Best About Your city?

What is best about Charlotte is the people and everything that there is to do here. People from all over the United States choose to move to the queen city, it is affordable, and that is its biggest draw. Because we have many people who come here, there is a wide range of people from all walks of life. This brings diversity, and you can see this in many of the neighborhoods in this city.

Wow, there is so much to do here in Charlotte. If you travel here, you will not be bored. It may not be all out in the open you will have to look closer, but there is a lot to do. From musical acts to events to art shows and even skateboarding competitions, you have a lot to choose from on any given day. Go and explore the city while traveling here; you are bound to find something fun to do.

Best Walks in Charlotte

This is one of the best cities to go for a walk. There are so many paths you can go on, both urban and some out in the woods. For all of you travelers who love to hike, Charlotte has got you covered. Let’s look at some of the best walks in the city.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is amazing; if you travel to Charlotte, you have to stop here for a walk. This park is huge and has a nice path to walk around a beautiful pond. There are even paths that branch off the pond and go through the woods. The layout of the park is pretty simple, so you won’t get lost.

The park has picnic tables, so families or large groups can spend the day here. Whether you are traveling on foot or on a bike, this park is well worth the visit.

Greenway Path

Charlotte has a greenway path that loops around the whole city. It is a great way to travel around the city to avoid cars and traffic. The path branches out into the many neighborhoods all over Charlotte. You can ride a bike, skateboard, or even walk on these paths. Perfect for any traveler looking for a good day of exercise.

You can start at any part of the city; the greenway is everywhere. Many people take these paths, but they are never too crowded. If you travel along this path, then take a bike so you can cover more ground. The path goes through woods, under bridges, and even into the city’s more urban parts. Take a day during your travels and walk along the greenway.

Best Restaurants in Charlotte

Charlotte has a lot of great places to eat. Whatever type of food you want, the city has an amazing restaurant serving that type of food. Here is a list of recommendations for food types.

  • Chinese- Dim Sum
  • Japanese- Futo Buta
  • Italian- Momma Ricottas
  • American- The Diamond
  • Mexican- Three Amigos
  • German- Waldhorns

There are many other places around Charlotte where you can get amazing food; these are just some of the best in town. When you travel to Charlotte, explore, and you will find something good. You won’t have to look too hard, either.

Best Music/Festival in Charlotte

This one is for all the travelers who are music lovers. Charlotte has many different venues where you can listen to a variety of music from different genres. Here is a list of some of the best venues.

  • The Milestone- best venue for punk or alternative music
  • Snug Harbor- All kinds of acts come through to play here, both local and big time
  • The Fillmore- A great place to find big-name bands or groups; many perform here
  • Amos- Another venture for both big and small acts and a variety of musical genres

Music travelers will not be disappointed coming here looking for music. Come travel to Charlotte and enjoy the music scene.

Best Nightlife in Charlotte

Visiting the queen city, you will find some of the best nightlife in the country. Charlotte has a plethora of bars and clubs to hang out. Some of the best are Common Market or the Beer Garden. Both offer a relaxing place to have a beer with some friends. If you are in the mood for a club, visit the downtown area. There are plenty of clubs in downtown to make any traveler happy.

The Best Day Trip out of Charlotte

If the city proves too much during your travels and you need to escape from the urban sprawl, you are in luck. Charlotte is a three-hour drive from both the mountains and the beach. You can make a day trip going to either to have some fun.

In the mountains you can enjoy some skiing or hike the Appalachian mountains.

The beach is perfect for any travelers. North Carolina has some beautiful beaches to relax and soak in some rays. If you stay in Charlotte, it is worth the trip to make it out to one of these places. Your travels will not be complete if you don’t take the time to do so.

Something that Travelers may not know about Charlotte

If you are going to travel to Charlotte, you should know something about the city that not many travelers know about. This area in Charlotte would be Camp North End. This old weapons factory has been converted to an area where restaurants, bars, and even art shows happen frequently. If you are hungry?, come to Camp North End. Want to have a delicious drink?, come to Camp North End. Do you want to have some fun? Camp North End is perfect for your travels.

One of the best Places for Travel

Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the best cities to travel to in the United States. The city has everything to keep your travels fun. You will not be disappointed coming to the queen city. Make sure you put this city on your list of places to travel!

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