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Located near the United Arab Emirates, Qatar is one of the best countries to live in with a lot of opportunities. I had lived in Qatar for the last ten years, and I love every single bit of it where my family and I can have a great time, have great friends, and enjoy the weather.

Living in Doha, the capital, I also get to enjoy the best experiences when it comes to food, household materials, and fun. Here is an outlook of the best things that you will experience coming to Qatar. This is one of the reasons why many individuals choose the place as a perfect holiday or relaxation destination.

Must do

Qatar is very hot in summer, up to a maximum of 50°c and 10°c minimum in winter. Get prepared with the right clothes and weather equipment as you come to enjoy the city. A lot of the population are foreigners who amount to 90% of the total population. You will be surprised just how diverse the people are. I feel comfortable and ride along because the Qatari people are friendly.

An addition Qatar, being a Muslim country, requires public modesty in dressing so make sure your clothes cover your shoulder and go a little bit below the knee for the respect of the culture when you are in a public place. The currency used is Riyal, which is about 25 euro cents.

What other people thought was the best place to see in Doha

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What I like best about Doha

The perfect climate. It is the best, especially in summer, when you can take advantage of traveling the city and view the buildings, Islands and the city views. We have the best architectural expertise that has curved the city to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will appreciate a picture or selfie in one of the buildings and beautiful surroundings. One can have fun all day without having to seriously worry about the change of climate as it is very predictable and very much favorable.

The car collection, Qatari residents, have a great taste of machines and love a good car. It is very normal to spot seven Ferraris and several Jeeps at a normal ride to the city. The men and women love the good luxury life, and there is even a Ferrari Garden inside the capital that showcases a number of such babies.

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Best Walk in Doha

Inside the city, you will find the most incredible views and man-made islands. Part of the city is built on top of the sea, and the view is worth it. The Corniche beach attracts lots of people because of its beauty. You might also want to visit the Katara Cultural Village, a place where a lot of the world’s cultures have been displayed for view glass. It is really popular, and you will meet people from your country too. The pearl is also a great attraction site for its structure, and it’s also located inside Doha. You can enjoy the walk while watching the beautiful scenery in the awesome weather.

Best Restaurants in Doha

Qatar has a vast range of food, according to cultures. The best part of culture everyone loves to enjoy anywhere in the world is the diversity of dishes. You might choose to go to an exquisite five-star hotel like the “Olive” or visit some of the cultural restaurants in the city. Turkey central us is known for its hot and homemade food and has a lot of customers too. Thai snack offers Chinese food at a reasonable price. For fruit drinks, you might visit the Vitamin Palace and drink to a good fruit mix while enjoying the dry fruit interior inside the hotel. The choice is yours.

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Best Places to stay in Doha

These are some of the most popular places to stay in Doha. If you would like some further information and customer reviews click the links and you will be taken to TripAdvisor.

  1. Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel won a 2021 TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award for Doha and is an iconic destination for leisure and business travelers in Qatar. Boasting a private beach and stunning outdoor facilities including an outdoor pool, children’s pool and fitness center, this 5-star Doha convention hotel is ideally located in the city center of Doha.
  2. Jouri, A Murwab Hotel fuses contemporary, boutique chic style, high-tech room features and the warmth of Arabian hospitality to bring you the ultimate in affordable luxury and comfort. With 110 luxurious rooms and 26 suites to choose from, Jouri, A Murwab Hotel can cater for business meetings and groups with ease.
  3. InterContinental® Doha The City offers spacious, modern, and stylish accommodation. The 58 story tower, one of the tallest buildings in West Bay, offers 349 luxury guest rooms and suites, as well as 176 residence suites with layouts of one to four bedrooms. The hotel is located in the heart of Doha and all rooms have enviable views of the Doha Skyline, West Bay, or the Arabian Gulf.
  4. The St. Regis Doha is a five-star luxury hotel with 336 guest rooms including 70 seductive suites, aiming to set new standards of luxury service & excellence with the signature St. Regis Butler Service. The hotel introduces a collection of ten signature restaurants & bars, extensive recreation facilities including world-acclaimed Remède Spa.
  5. Al Khariss Hotel offer air conditioning providing exceptional comfort and convenience, and guests can go online with free wifi. Room service is one of the conveniences offered at this small hotel. An on-site restaurant will also help to make your stay even more special.

Best Music and Festivals

An abundance of festivals occurs in Qatar, and you can enjoy it per preference. The common International Food Festivals different cultures from the world to enjoy and taste their food from the capital attracting masses. The Katara Dhow Festival also happens to attract lots of big Dhow to competent on the beach. You can also attend the camel racing festival where you will see camels racing while being ridden by human-made robots. They are quite amazing. The International Falcons and hunting festival will make you enjoy the best breed of a falcon and enjoy the tracer they offer.

Best Nightlife in Doha

Qatar nights on the streets are covered in beautiful lights from the famous “Red carpet” street lights to the beautiful colored towers. Petroleum tower in purple, Doha tower in gold facing the Corniche tower. If you need to drink or buy a drink you might go to the Qatar Commissioner Office. You can see if you are permitted to drink and buy from a supermarket to enjoy yourself. You can enjoy the outlook from the window of your home or decide to walk across the city.

Best Day Trip Out of the city

Dune bashing and Camel ridings are one way to take advantage to enjoy the arid part out of the city plus the view. For every visitor, the dunes are a great site as it is rare to find such awesome sites as a result of huge sandstorms. The sand storms are also great, and you might want to take a view of them as the sand full place can be thrilling, unlike many individuals though of dry land. Fireworks and skydiving services are also and enjoyed by the residents, so be sure to try to experience one.

Something that not many travelers know about Doha

Despite being populated, the region is super safe, accommodating, and friendly. It is also the second richest country in the world and is set to hold the World Cup 2022. There are lots of cats in the streets of Doha, and you will see a couple at a walk, so don’t be alarmed. The country has used its resources well to beef up maximum security, making the city even safer.

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  1. Qatar is not part of the United Arab Emirates, it is a separate country. In fact, Qatar is currently being economically and politically blockaded by the United Arab Emirates, as well as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt. This fact has made travel between other Gulf countries and Qatar limited and difficult because Qatar Airways is not allowed to overfly or land in the aforementioned countries.

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