Things to do in Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a heart shaped country on the Balkan Peninsula. Have you ever been to Sarajevo? It’s a city where East meets West.

A city where the tradition and the modern life make unique mixture. Sarajevo is a place where three different religions breathe together as one.

Sarajevo was once upon a time, in the year 1984, the center of the world by hosting the Winter Olympic games. It’s a city where everyone is welcome and where the soul, the spirit and the monuments of different empires still are of great importance and value? This article is about a small but a very big city – the City of Sarajevo!  

City Centre

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small country positioned in the Western Balkans. The city has always been the center of the region, very well-known by the multi-religious lifestyle and the unique blend of the legacy of the emperors ruling the country over the past centuries.

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Sarajevo is located in a valley and is surrounded by the mountains and perfect wild nature. The most breathtaking sightseeing spots are a bit above the city in the hills, so make sure you visit some of the tourist spots on top of any hill or the mountains around Sarajevo so you can enjoy the most amazing views.  

Must Do

Sarajevo is unique and every corner is going to attract your attention. For foodies a traditional meal, Cevapi, is definitely a must. Cevapi is basically minced meat shaped like a small cylinder sausage served with fresh bread called lepina (you might know it as naan bread) and raw onions.

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The smell of this meal will definitely be the first thing you’re going to notice during your visit to the Old part of Sarajevo. After you’ve finished your Cevapi, you can take a ride in the cable railway which connects the center of the city and the mountain Trebevic, and enjoy astonishing views.

What do you like best about Sarajevo?

The best thing about Sarajevo and living in Sarajevo is the fact that you have so many different cultures and monuments of different times. If your trip to Sarajevo will last more than three days, then you should one of the many museums in Sarajevo.. Some of the best worth seeing would be: The Museum of Franz Ferdinand, The Tunnel Museum, Museum of Illusions, Children in War and there are many more.  

Tram in Sarajevo

Best Walk in Sarajevo

Taking a stroll down the old part of Sarajevo, called Baščaršija is the experience for itself. Baščaršija is a medieval part of the town dating from the XV century. This unique square was the start of establishment of the Sarajevo city and today it is the most touristy place in Sarajevo. This part of the city breathes with tradition and speaks its own history. The square is constructed in Ottoman style. There are many food and coffee spots, handcraft shops, religious and cultural objects abound.

Best Restaurants

Sarajevo is a great combination of traditional and modern times. If you are more into tradition, you should visit Kod Kibeta. This is the only restaurant in the city which requires reservation, but it’s worth the call. This restaurant and its atmosphere are going to make you travel back in time and the food that is served there is prepared according to traditional recipes to completely fulfill your experience. The view from the window will take your breath away and it will make you come back for more.

Best Music / Festivals

Summer nights are a special treat for those living in Sarajevo but also for those visiting this miraculous city. Sarajevo Film Festival is already the most famous and very respected movie festival in the region. The best films, music content, cultural events, make Sarajevo shine during the hot summer nights in August.

Best Nightlife

Sarajevo offers a lot when it comes to nightlife. Are you a party animal? No problem, head straight to Sloga club. Do you prefer pubs where you get to taste some of the best beers in the world while listening to some good jazz? Problem solved at the City or Celtic pub. Looking for a sophisticated venue with a bit of glam? Nothing to it – Residence Inn by Marriott has got you covered. Visit Aquarius Vills club for best live music. There’s something for everyone and people of Sarajevo are known by its welcoming spirit and are very open, friendly, smiling at all times.

Best day trip out of Sarajevo

Suburban area of Sarajevo is the main place to visit if you’re looking for a day trip outside the city. Fantastic green oasis, great natural complex and a touch of the untamed nature is at the famous springs of the Bosnia River. Vrelo Bosne complex is one of the most attractive and known in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A lot of greenery, enormous water surfaces, sandy alley, horse cottage and fresh chilly air are going to surprise your mind and soul with its loving sights. The smell of the fresh water and the sound of it streaming from the spring, is going to fill your heart with bursting energy.

Something that not many travelers would know about Sarajevo

Do you know about the legend of the water from Bay’s Mosque?

Gazi Husrev Bay was one of the two most important figures in terms of establishing and growing Sarajevo. He was very educated and the heritage he left has by this day remained untouched.

His mission was to always to do good deeds, so he built several very important Islamic objects. These include the mosque, library, museum, schools and the famous water fountain.

In Islam, there is nothing worthier then giving the water to those who are thirsty. In front of the biggest mosque in the Old part of the city, Gazi Husrev Bay built a water fountain so anyone who passes by can drink from it.

The legend says that if you are in Sarajevo and you drink the water from this fountain, you will be back to visit Sarajevo at least once more in your life. But anyone who visits Sarajevo wants to come back. Legend or not, Sarajevo is the city you will definitely fall in love with.

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