Things to do in Siargao Island – The Philippines

Siargao Island was heavily damaged by typhoon in December 2021 due to the damage tourism is likely to be affected for months. Please check for current conditions before travelling to Siargao Island.

Must Do

It is a definite must to go island hopping and go to Naked Island. Daku Island is also included in the island hopping tour. When you book for a tour, the best part is that lunch is also included. Be sure to save an entire day for it as it will take an entire day to tour around several islands. It is worth it though as the islands are white sand beaches full of lovely trees. While at the lovely beaches, don’t forget to take some iconic jump shots that you will remember for a pretty long time. Take a short trip to Taktak falls and enjoy the waterfalls over there for a quick swim. It would feel nice to take a swim if the weather is a bit hot. Don’t forget to take a peek underwater and see the sea creatures.

What do you like best about your City?

Everyone here is just too friendly. It is pretty hard to get around if you don’t know how to ride a motorcycle. What’s good is that you can just hire someone for just a few bucks to have you fetch you at your hotel then drop you off wherever you want. There are a lot of locals who offer that service as it is a great way of making side income for them. In addition, there are just so many things to do in so little time.

Best Walk

There are a lot of hotels that are near Cloud 9 and you can just walk over there and watch a lot of people enjoying their time either surfing or sunbathing. It is also a wonderful place to watch the sunset and sunrise. While you are at it, better hire a surf instructor if you have yet to try it. You will learn something new and at the same time you are helping locals who are surf instructors. The waves in Siargao are pretty intense so be prepared by wearing the right materials. For example, the waves may have an effect on your bikini strings so it would be better to wear a rash guard. After all, you are going to look great wearing those things when you finally get to stand on your surf board.

Best Restaurants

Altrove Siargao serves the best pizza in not only the island but the entire country too. Their pasta selection is not too bad either. Their service is even fast as they would not want to keep you waiting for far too long. If you are looking for something healthy, go to Shaka Cafe as they have some of the most mouth watering fruit combinations you will ever feast your eyes on.

For some homemade Indonesian food, there is Warung Restaurant and this place never seems to disappoint when it comes to the nice value of the food. For dessert, there is Crepes Siargao Cafe. Not only are the sweet choices here pretty good, you will also get to enjoy the coffee as it is great to enjoy it with new friends. Also, there is Cafe Honest for vegans who don’t like the fact that animals are killed for food. No animal products are used in that place as it would also mean good things for the future of your health. CEV is another nice place to order great local food and the staff there knows a lot about their menu so they would not mind explaining to you the ingredients of each of their menu items. The hype is real for this restaurant as it lets you enjoy what life has to offer.

Best Places to stay on Siargao Island

I have added a few of the best hotels and resorts to stay on Siargao Island. For more information and customer reviews please click on the links that will take you to TripAdvisor.

  1. Kermit Surf Resort and Camp Siargao is a chill out, cozy and affordable resort in General Luna Siargao Island. Kermit Siargao is becoming one of the most famous surf resort/camp in the Philippines, been featured in many Travel Magazine, Blogs & websites.
  2. Reef Beach Resort is situated directly on the beach near to the famous Cloud 9 surf break on Siargao island in the Philippines. Accommodation is based on Ocean View Double Suites, Nature View Double Suites, Nature View Triple Suites, Ocean View Studios & Double Rooms, 1 Bedroom Apartments, 2 & 3 Bedroom Beach Houses.
  3. Buddha’s Surf Resort gives you a true local surfing experience. Located between the busy Cloud 9 and the town of General Luna, the resort is ideal for travelers and surfers alike looking for good island vibes.
  4. Siargao Bleu Resort & Spa recognized as one of the top most stunning resort views of the Philippines. The resort boasts of a 1,600 sq. meters pool; pamper you with personalized service with a butler upon request, SPA services with highly trained therapists provided at the Bleu Spa or room service.
  5. Retreat Siargao Resort you will experience one of the most exquisite suite accommodation you’ve ever stay in the beautiful Island of Siargao. Retreat Siargao Resort offers a luxurious suite setting accommodation, altering with local flair that designed to inspire rest and relaxation.

Best Music

Loose Keys Moto Culture is one place that will play nice music all day long that you are going to want to dance until the sun rises. Of course, you would want to wake up the next morning and enjoy the island vibes. There are some nights that play different music and you would want to go there when you feel like the music is your thing.

Best Nightlife

Barrel Sports Bar is a nice place with a wide range of cocktails and a a lot of things to do. Since it is a sports bar, you can play pool or even darts. It is so fun to hang out there that you won’t notice how fast time flies whenever you decide to go there. Rum bar is another nice place to hang out as it gets real lively at night and the people there are pretty nice. You may not notice how fast the conversation goes along when you are talking to someone. Yes, it is one of those places to make great new friends. Who knows? You may be exploring the island with your new friends the next day. You’re going to find out that it would feel great to try the local beer over there. There will also be some nights where some local bands are playing. That would definitely be the ultimate way to enjoy what the island has to offer and that is by getting a feel of some of the locals’ talents.

Best Day Trip Out of the City

Sugba Lagoon is one place you would want to go to during a day trip of not exploring things outside the city. Don’t forget to take that touristy shot when you are diving onto the lagoon. If you can’t swim, better wear a life vest. One nice activity to do there would be to do stand up paddle boarding as it would definitely make you want to wish that time would freeze. It would be awesome to enjoy what nature has given us even for just a few days. Magpupungko is another place to explore and it is pretty rocky so better have your water shoes on. There are a lot of nice pictures to take in this place so better charge your cameras and mobile phones before leaving your hotel so that you will get to take a lot of pictures.

Interesting facts about Siargao Island

Siargao Island is the best surfing area in The Philippines due to the swell from the Philippine trench offshore. Surfing conditions are particularly good with a south-west wind (Monsoon) from August to November. An international competition the Siargao Cup is held in September.

Siargao Island is well known as one of the cheaper surfing spots and there is a good network of accommodation, restaurant and bars in the General Nuna area around the Cloud 9 break.

Flights are available to Siargao from Manila, Cebu City and Clark Airforce Base. There are ferries to the island from Surigao City on Mindanao.