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Ubud is a small town in the interior of Bali. The traditional dance and crafts in the area are famous worldwide. The Ubud District is also home to Hindu temples and shrines. Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi are both intricately carved and are well-worth a visit. Rock-cut shrines are another must-see sight. You can also watch a traditional performance of a Balinese dance called Kecak.

in 2022 Ubud has been ranked Number 42 in the annual Time Out 51 coolest neighbourhoods around the world.

Located in the center of Ubud, the Monkey Forest is a great place to visit. Unlike other parks, the Monkey Forest is fenced and is a giant rainforest with a small path for visitors to follow. The forest is beautiful, and is a relaxing place to walk through. Visitors are asked to abide by the rules of the park, though, such as not showing your teeth. This is considered a form of aggression by the monkeys.

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After a morning of yoga or meditation, head out to the Royal Palace, the town’s central landmark. Built in the early 1800s by King Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel, the palace was damaged in a 1917 earthquake but rebuilt again. The burnt orange facade and exotic architecture make the palace a must-see for all travelers. Whether you are seeking spiritual inspiration or are simply looking for a cultural experience, Ubud is a wonderful destination.

Ubud – This photo is used with Creative Commons Photography by Nick Botter

A guide to Ubud will help you decide what to do. The main tourist attractions include the following: If you’re in the mood to shop, you should definitely go to the Gianyar Night Market. The Ubud Museum is a great place to see some of the most important religious sites in Ubud. This place is a great place to visit for art lovers. You can purchase many different kinds of crafts and collect local souvenirs.

Best Restaurants in Ubud

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Ubud, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many great places to eat in Ubud, and the following are just some of the top ones. We’ll discuss each one in more detail and give you a little more information about each one. So, you can make your own trip to this amazing town and experience the best of Indonesia.

Moksa is a plant-based restaurant that strives to achieve balance between indigenous ingredients and the Balinese culture. The menu is made with ingredients that are found right in Ubud. The restaurant specializes in coffee and teas, and the unique ambiance makes it a great spot to enjoy a meal with a loved one. If you’re looking for something more light and refreshing, the restaurant also has a wide selection of mocktails to choose from. Try the Ginger Mimosa, Moksa Lassi, or Tropical Fizz. The Asian Spring is a favorite for meat and seafood lovers.

Cafe Lotus is another popular restaurant in Ubud. It features an international menu and is the ideal place to grab a bite and a cocktail after a long day of exploring Bali. The chef at Locavore has been voted as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and the Best Restaurant in Indonesia by Travel + Leisure. The menu consists of regional dishes sourced locally, and they offer a vegetarian menu as well.

Locavore is another Ubud restaurant that has received accolades from several publications. It features authentic Indonesian cuisine and celebrates the country’s culinary heritage. The stylish interior of Nusantara makes it a great place to enjoy a drink or a light meal after a day of exploring Bali. The restaurant also offers 15% off its bill for travelers with a valid voucher. There are also a few other popular restaurants in Ubud that have become more popular as the years have gone by.

Best Hotels in Ubud Bali

Ubud, often referred to as the cultural heart of Bali, beckons travelers with its lush landscapes, artistic charm, and serene ambiance. As a coveted destination for both relaxation and cultural exploration, Ubud offers an array of accommodations that cater to various tastes and preferences. From luxurious jungle retreats to charming boutique hideaways, Ubud’s lodgings promise an immersive experience that captures the essence of the island’s natural beauty and artistic spirit. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best places to stay in Ubud, Bali, where every stay becomes a journey into tranquility and cultural discovery.

1. Hanging Gardens of Bali: Jungle Elegance**

Hanging Gardens of Bali is renowned for its iconic infinity pool overlooking the lush Ayung River valley. The resort’s luxurious villas and impeccable service create an atmosphere of tranquility and opulence.

2. COMO Uma Ubud: Wellness Retreat**

COMO Uma Ubud offers a wellness-focused escape with its holistic approach to relaxation. The resort’s elegant accommodations, spa treatments, and healthy dining options enhance the sense of rejuvenation.

3. Viceroy Bali: Romantic Hideaway**

Viceroy Bali provides a romantic and secluded retreat with its private pool villas and breathtaking valley views. The resort’s personalized service and attention to detail create an intimate and enchanting ambiance.

4. Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve: Riverside Bliss**

Mandapa offers a riverside sanctuary with a blend of luxury and Balinese culture. The resort’s suites and villas, combined with its wellness programs and cultural experiences, offer a holistic and enriching stay.

5. Bisma Eight: Urban Oasis**

Bisma Eight offers an urban oasis with its contemporary design and central location. The hotel’s stylish rooms, rooftop bar, and artistic touches create a vibrant and modern ambiance.

6. Alila Ubud: Hillside Serenity**

Alila Ubud offers hillside accommodations with panoramic views of the lush valley. The resort’s tranquil pool villas and eco-friendly practices provide a blend of comfort and sustainability.

7. Komaneka at Bisma: Artistic Charm**

Komaneka at Bisma showcases artistic charm with its collection of artworks and serene surroundings. The resort’s suites and villas reflect Balinese aesthetics, creating an immersive cultural experience.

8. The Royal Pita Maha: Cultural Sanctuary**

The Royal Pita Maha offers a cultural sanctuary with its traditional Balinese architecture and riverfront location. The resort’s villas and spa treatments provide an authentic and serene retreat.

9. Kayon Resort: Nature’s Embrace**

Kayon Resort embraces nature with its tranquil setting amidst rice paddies and lush foliage. The resort’s infinity pool and elegant accommodations offer a blend of relaxation and natural beauty.

10. Ubud Hanging Gardens Pool Villas: Scenic Luxury**

Ubud Hanging Gardens Pool Villas provides a scenic luxury experience with its private pool villas and expansive views. The resort’s setting and upscale amenities ensure a memorable stay.

10 interesting facts about Ubud Bali

  1. Ubud is the cultural center of Bali, known for its traditional art, dance, and music.
  2. It is located in the Gianyar regency, about an hour’s drive north of the capital, Denpasar.
  3. The town is surrounded by lush rice paddies, and there are many temples, palaces, and museums to visit.
  4. The famous artist, Walter Spies, lived in Ubud in the 1930s and helped to establish it as a center for the arts.
  5. The annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival is held in October, attracting writers and literary enthusiasts from around the world.
  6. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, home to over 700 long-tailed macaques, is a popular tourist attraction in Ubud.
  7. Ubud is also home to the Pura Taman Saraswati temple, known for its beautiful water gardens and lotus ponds.
  8. The town is a popular destination for yoga and wellness retreats, with many studios and health centers offering classes and treatments.
  9. The local cuisine in Ubud is known for its use of fresh, local ingredients and is heavily influenced by Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian flavors.
  10. The annual Ubud Food Festival, held in April, celebrates the town’s culinary heritage and features cooking demonstrations, tastings, and food markets.

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