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Travel Guide for Bali

Kuta Beach

The nightlife in Kuta Beach is vibrant and fun. A variety of restaurants and bars are located throughout the area, and many offer both cocktails and mocktails. The beach itself is relatively uncrowded, so you can sit on a bench and relax for hours without worrying about missing anything. You can also buy souvenirs from the plethora of vendors lining the streets. At Kuta Beach, you can find everything from colorful sarongs to branded hats. You can even grab a bow at the end of a day’s work of art!

Kuta Beach is popular for swimming and surfing, but there are also a number of other activities to enjoy during your stay. Other beach activities include volleyball and beach soccer. If you are not a surfer, you can learn how to ride the waves at one of the many surf schools located along the shoreline. Many surf schools offer beginner lessons to both children and adults. Some of these classes guarantee that you will stand up on a learner’s board in just the first hour.

Legian Beach

Legian Beach offers great surfing. The waves at Legian are not nearly as big as those in Kuta, and are not nearly as crowded. If you’re looking to take up surfing, however, Legian is a great place to learn. The Rip Curl School of Surf is Asia’s largest surfing school, and has a global reputation. It provides lessons for all levels, from beginners to pros. Whether you’re looking to catch some rays or just relax, you’ll find a lot of fun at Legian.

Jimbaran Bay

Getting around Jimbaran Bay is easy. There is one main street that runs through a town called Jalan Uluwatu, and it leads directly to the beach and hotels. Most guests will stay in a hotel in Jimbaran, but you can also use taxi apps to get around the area. These are reliable, and the prices are very affordable. Taking a cab is a popular way to get around Jimbaran, so it is a good idea to plan your journey in advance.

The sunrise is the best time to visit Jimbaran, and the sunset is a fantastic time to see it too. After lunch, head over to the Samasta Lifestyle Village to shop for souvenirs. You can also visit the fisherman market to purchase fresh seafood. You can enjoy delicious local food while you shop for souvenirs at local markets. You can even rent a scooter and hit the waves! While you’re here, make sure to try the freshest fish and seafood around.

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