Top 10 Countries to visit in 2018

Travelling these days is a past time fraught with difficulties war, terrorist attacks and highly volatile financial situation makes you wonder, Why bother? But over the past few decades there has always been wars in Iraq, Central America, South America not to mention Russia imploding in the 90’s.

But in amongst the doom and gloom there are a number of countries where it’s better to travel than ever and a few where their currency is beginning to tank, making it more affordable than for the past few years.

Here are the ten best countries to visit in 2018.

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the 2nd most touristed country in the world. The pomp and pageantry is renowned and the history can only be rivaled by France.

The British pound is down against most other currencies in the world making the UK more affordable than for many years, and with Brexit approaching will likely become cheaper. So while getting there might be harder once you are there it will be better or at least cheaper.

Terrorism remains an issue but the IRA never stopped people from travelling

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2. Malaysia

Malaysia’s currency the ringgit is currently at a record low a combination of low oil prices and a few internal issues. Just in 2015/16 the ringgit was 20% down against the US dollar and The Big Mac index stated that Malaysia was one of the cheaper developed countries of the world to travel.

With fantastic cuisine, good beaches and a beautiful tropical climate why wouldn’t you want to visit.

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3. South Africa

Another country whose currency is tanking South Africa represents great value for money. Capetown ranked 3rd on TripAdvisors Trip Index so is fantastic low cost destination and one of the most picturesque places to ever see. Crime is a problem in South Africa so you need to be aware of where you are walking in this country.

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4. New Zealand

New Zealand is not a cheap place to travel but the New Zealand dollar has been devaluing against the US dollar so if you want to visit hobbit houses, or participate in all things outdoor, the time might be right. New Zealand is a beautiful country and well worth the long plane trip to visit.

5. Portugal

Portugal is currently going through a huge tourism boom so facilities and service levels are at an all time high and the country has a lot to offer. Fantastic seafood and beaches line the coast and the warm Mediterranean climate is a delight. Lisbon is a city with great history and abounds with beautiful buildings from centuries prior.

6. Chile

Chile is an inexpensive country to travel most of the time and has so many things to see and do. Santiago is a very European like city and located at the base of the Andes Mountains extremely picturesque. Opportunities to travel to the south and onwards to Antarctica make Chile quite an adventure and an adventure that gives you bang for your buck.

7. Myanmar

The reason to travel to Myanmar in 2018 hasn’t got anything to do with money it has all to do with experience. Myanmar is about to become a popular, cheap tourism destination and in my experience things tend to change very quickly. I remember visiting Luang Prabang in 2004 was a much nicer place than Luang Prabang 2005 and places in Myanmar will similarly be blighted with the curse of tourism. See a unique culture before it changes soon.

8. Mozambique

Mozambique is another country whose currency has tanked but any western type accommodation is not really cheap. But this is a country with great beaches and nice climate and a great place to chill out and relax. You’d only come here if you were travelling to South Africa as well but is well worth the trip north.

9. Croatia

Croatia and in particularly Hvar are beginning to crack down on tourists behavior so if you are not visiting to party hard you’re likely to enjoy the experience of travelling in Croatia a little more than you used to. Croatian tourism is at an all time high so service levels would be high although it is not the bargain destination it used to be years ago.

10. Georgia

Think of a country that is cheap has great cuisine, fantastic skiing, and magnificent hiking and is full of historic sights and a beautiful city. Not many people know a lot about Georgia and while in the past it’s had its share of problems at the moment it looks OK. There is no better time to visit a great country.

So while there are a lot of countries that can be added to your NO GO lists there are also plenty of places that can be enjoyed on a budget.